Do you have a DJ? or MC for your event? Do you want to save hundreds of dollars and just rent the equiptment? Daily rentals and even weekly or monthly rentals may be available to you. Below are 24 hour rental prices (1 day rental) for your event. Please enquire as to availability if interested.

P.A./ Event sound systems 

Basic sound system includes Yorkville powered mixer with 2 speakers, speaker cords and 1 wired mic. Also, (if requested and available) at no extra charge, an extra microphone, extension cords, and speaker stands. Yorkville is a quality Canadian brand that produces excellent sound for recorded and live applications as well as speeches.

1 Day (24 hours) rental price $200


*For weekly and monthly rentals please enquire.


Lighting & Other Rentals 

(pictures to the left, price = 1 day rental)

Led Mushroom LED light sound activated. Surround your room in color, from floor to ceiling this lights hits all those hard to reach places. $40


Vue 1.1 moonflower LED Light sound activated. Great multicolored lights with pattern changes. $40


DJ Bank LED lights sound activated. Great bank lights to color wash the room. $40


Chauvet LX15 tri color moonflower LED sound activated.

This is a sound activated Led that changes from one color to the next and then all three. It moves in circles on the dance floor, and is a good addition to any party. $40






Big Dipper M015RG mini Red & Green Laser lights.

This is awesome, Laser lights that can reach far and wide, no matter how small the machine is. This one swirls, changes shapes, stobes and more. Best of all it's little and can fit right on a table top. $30



Chauvet Mini Strobe LED speed control.

It may be little but those leds work great. The perfect strength light so as not to blind, but give you just a bit of the flash you need. $30





Fogger with juice.

To the left you can see the effect it has with lights, Fogger pictured to the left and below.


It doesn't have to be Halloween to enjoy a Fog machine. This is great to have for that extra Dance Club vibe. $40








Double Mics WIRELESS. Great for those heads of tables or if you need to be mobile when making speeches. $50


Other Rentals that may be available:

Laptop comes with a great selection of music.

Karaoke collection.

Portable flat computer screen for Karaoke.


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